Nuna Academy is an exclusive Academy for the creation of community leaders. Because we are so focused on the benefits of out students we have limited class sizes. Classes are combined of two grades with a limit of five students for each grade. Thus making our student ratio a maximum of 10:1. Our school year coincides with the American school system starting in August having a break for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring and Summer.

ASIS Dorado desires to attract average and above average ability students, who are well motivated towards attending school, able to meet high standards and high expectations both in their academic and social endeavors. These students should demonstrate that they can adapt well to and learn in English as the language of instruction environment. Students applying for first through twelfth grade are expected to have a working command of the English language upon admission, in order to ensure that they can fully benefit from the educational program offered.

Students whose first language is not English and who are new to English as the language of instruction program will spend their school day in the regular classroom immersed in the educational program. Teachers will be aware of their needs and these students will receive special help in their transition stage. Those students, who may need extra support and tuition in English beyond what the school can offer within the regular program, will be referred to tutors, which may be allowed to meet with the student during the school day if scheduling allows. Parents will be responsible for these tutorial fees to help their students achieve the readiness required to contribute to as well as benefit fully from our curriculum and school environment.

All candidates are given careful consideration in the admissions process and any adverse decisions are made regretfully but with the best interest of the student and the school in mind. Reasons for either admissions or non-acceptance of applicants are made upon the consideration of many factors including: personal interview, assessment of readiness, school records and recommendations, the results of psychometric evaluations, as well as an assessment of whether the school has the appropriate educational programs to meet the needs of the youngster. The final decision on admission of an applicant is based on the collective experience and judgment of the school administrators.

TASIS Dorado does not discriminate in its admission policies for reasons of sex, religion, sexual orientation, political orientation, physical disability, race, or national origin Sabanera Dorado Priority

TASIS Dorado is an integral part of the Sabanera Dorado community and for this reason Sabanera Dorado resident families have admissions priority for qualified students when space is available.

Admission procedure/checklist

Cost of Attendence