Where does the name NuNa come from?
NuNa or 누나 comes from Korean. Korea has been well known for its focus on school and academics. We picked the word NuNa for our school not only because it is catchy, but also in Korean, NuNa is a respectful term used for elders.

What is the student teacher ratio?
A maximum of 12:1

What grades are included in your school?
Currently we have 1st-6th with plans to expand through 7th-12th in the coming years.

Do you teach Spanish?
Yes, we teach Spanish Language Arts as well as Social Studies in accordance with Honduran education requirements. We also have Specials which allow students to utilize Spanish in the classroom environment. Our main school language however is English and is the primary focus for our students.

Are you accredited?
We are accredited K-6th through the Honduran school system. 

What if we will only be on Roatan for a year? 
We provide all the documentation needed in order to transfer into any elementary school within the United States or Honduras.

What is the cost of attendance?
Cost of attendance consistes of two parts; Matriculation and Tuition. Matriculation is an enrollment fee that is paid that the time of enrollment.Tuition is then paid monthly.Tuition may vary depending upon a student's grade, or if they need to be placed on an IEP. It is best to contact us directly for specific costs.

What do I need to enroll my child?
Birth Certificate, paperwork from any schools previously attended, vaccination record (if applicable), and application.

Where are you located?
We are located in French Cay, Roatan Honduras.

What electives and extracurriculars do you offer?
Currently we offer Art, Music, P.E. and Gardening.

My student is accelerated or has a special need are they appropriate for attending your school?
We openly accept accelerated and special needs students, as long as we can service their needs. Shadow teachers may be required at parents expense for some students with disabilities.