Looking to help out? We have many ways for everyone to help.
Our school is always looking for monetary donations to help fund scholarship programs, teach training in special education and differentiated instruction, and do community outreach and service projects. 

Donations can be made by either Paypal or for a US tax deduction, through our non-profit partner Make it Count Foundation.
  • To donate through Paypal, donations can be sent through
  • To donate through Make it Count Foundation, visit their website at, click on “Donate," then click on “Honduras," at payment page under “Add special instructions to the seller:” please specify you are donating to “NuNa Academy." 
Item donations
We are looking for many items!

Technology supplies: Value (per item)
  • 40 Android based tablets (contact us for model number) $150
  • 10 Android based laptops (contact us for model number) $200 
  • 4 Android based smartphones (contact us for model number) $250 
  • 3 LED projectors $300 - $500 
  • 1 Printer/Copier/Scanner $100
  • 6 Computer monitors $60
  • 4 Computer speakers $30
  • 5 noise-cancel headphones $50
  • Digital camera $75
Classroom Supplies: Value (per item)
  • Whiteboard markers (all colors, all sizes) $10 per 12-pack
  • 3 A/C units (window units) $200
  • Gardening tools and supplies $5 - $15
  • Tool kits $10
  • Classroom materials and supplies: Calendars, coloring books, paint with water coloring books, stickers, laminating paper (letter size and legal size), number/alphabet posters, clocks, art supplies (brushes, paints, pastels, art paper), board games (chess, checkers, UNO, Candy Land), office supplies, etc. These items can be found at Dollar stores and Wal-mart. 
Also consider gifting a book to our Kindle library (click the "View Wish List" to see some recommendations).
  • To donate a Kindle book. Go to In the search bar, select "Kindle Store" and type the title, keyword or subject in the bar. Find the book you would like to donate. Select the "Give as a Gift" button to the right. Enter and proceed to check out. After we have received your book, you will receive an email confirmation thanking you for your donation. 
If our school is not in need of the items we receive, we pass them on to other schools and children's organizations on the island.

Shipping Instructions:
All donations can be mailed to Florida and do not need to be internationally mailed.
Please include a list of items that are included in your box.

Please ship to:
Collette Hyde, Hyde Shipping – RTB
10025 NW 116th Way, Suite 2
Medley, FL 33178

Donate your time
Volunteering your time or skills is also a great way to support our school. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer to help in the classroom or by offering an educational lesson, or experience to our students.

Thank you for your on going support.

Current wishes:
  • Android tablets
A $100-150 donation allows us to provide digital textbooks and learning resources to a child in need by providing them an Android tablet.
  • Kindles
We are starting to build an Amazon Kindle library. We would love if anyone has a kindle they would like to donate to contact Ms. Ana. 

A $50 donation allows us to purchase a used Kindle
  • Books from Amazon

By donating a book to our Kindle library, our children can have access to great books without the risk of loss or damage. This is a great gift for our students.

A $1 - $10 donation allows us to purchase a children's or young adult book.